Dental Trade Alliance Foundation

Building a Legacy

A Thank You from the DTA Foundation Board Chair

Announced at the 2019 DTA Annual Meeting

DTA Foundation Board Chair, Rick Cohen, thanks the Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation and the entire Sullivan family for their Legacy gift to the DTA Foundation.

Personal Gifts Impacting Change

The DTA Foundation Legacy Gifts Program

Build a legacy by participating in the DTA Foundation's Legacy Gifts Program. Gifts will be used, based on donor's preference, for initiatives that support the DTA Foundation's core purpose such as grants, scholarships or others options as requested by the donor and approved by the DTA Foundation Board of Directors.

Donor can determine if their gift will be set up as an endowed fund (with interest earned from donation used on the funded project each year) or a restricted fund (with funds spent on program over a specific time period).

What is a "Legacy Gift"?

To participate in the DTA Foundation Legacy Gifts Program, a donor must contribute $250,000 or more to the DTA Foundation. The three recognition levels are listed below.

Legacy Founders Circle

$1,000,000+ Donor

Leadership Founders Circle

$500,000+ Donor

Benefactors Founders Circle

$250,000+ Donor

The 2019 Innaugural Legacy Donation Announcement

Announced at the 2019 DTA Annual Meeting

During the Foundation report at the 2019 DTA Annual Meeting, Tim Sullivan spoke on behalf of the Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation's Legacy Gift and what it meant to him and his family to see his father's legacy live on in perpetuity throught the DTA Foundation's Legacy Gift Program.

Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation is the Inaugural Legacy Founder’s Circle Donor

November 2019

The Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation is the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation Inaugural Legacy Founder’s Circle donor with a $1 million endowment to the DTA Foundation. The Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation initially established a restricted fund in 2009 to support the efforts of the DTA Foundation. This restricted fund was designed to recognize outstanding dental students who have high academics, financial need, and a strong commitment to community service.


The late Robert Sullivan, founder of Sullivan Dental Products (now Henry Schein Dental), was an honorary member of the American Dental Association. He played an instrumental role in the Marquette University School of Dentistry for a number of years, serving on the School of Dentistry’s Advisory Council as well as the School of Dentistry Building Committee.


In announcing the Legacy Founder’s Circle donation at the Dental Trade Alliance’s 2019 Annual Meeting, Tim Sullivan (son of the late Robert J. Sullivan), said the following:


“My parents, Bob and Judy Sullivan, established the family foundation in 1991…with three primary goals in setting it up…one was around education…he wanted to make sure that others that didn’t have the opportunity to get a good education that he provide a way and a means to help in that way. Second was to give back to this amazing industry, it really is an incredible industry…and yes I know Bob Sullivan had a major impact on the industry…but he would be the first to say for as much as he gave, He got ten-fold in return...And then the third goal was around his five children. He wanted to make sure we didn’t ever forget our roots...and to follow his theme around education and giving back to this industry. In that spirit, this donation is from the family to honor his legacy.”


Per the Sullivan family’s request, this major gift will support even larger scholarships, as well as (to be determined) innovative work related to access to oral health care in America. It is the hope of the Robert J. Sullivan family that others who have gained much from their career in the dental industry will also give back by also establishing an endowed major gift with the DTA Foundation.